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Sponsors & Backers

Support MUI core's development through crowdfunding.

The core of MUI is a crowd-funded open-source project, licensed under the permissive MIT license. Sponsorship increases the rate of bug fixes, documentation improvements, and feature development.

MUI's sponsors

Diamond 💎

octopus doit

0/3 slots available

Diamond Sponsors are those who have pledged $1,500/month or more to MUI. Please contact us at to subscribe to this tier. Even when there are no more slots available, we accept higher bids.

Gold 🏆

via OpenCollective or via Patreon Icons8 RIDI

Gold Sponsors are those who have pledged $500/month or more to MUI.


via OpenCollective

Silver Sponsors

Silver Sponsors are those who have pledged $250/month to $500/month to MUI.


via OpenCollective

Bronze Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors are those who have pledged $100/month to $250/month to MUI.


via OpenCollective



Why is MUI a "crowd-funded open-source project"?

The core of MUI is open-source to give users great freedom in how they use the software, and to enable the community to have influence over how the project progresses to make it appropriate for a wide range of use-cases. To make MUI a project that users can rely on for years to come, it needs to be well directed and financially sustainable.

The absolute best way to support MUI's ongoing development efforts is to become a sponsor. Crowd-sourced funding enables us to spend the most time directly working on improving MUI core, which you and other MUI users then benefit from.

How is sponsorship money spent?

Sponsorship money is used to fund software development, testing, documentation, and releases of the MUI software suite.

Is sponsorship required to use MUI?

Users are not legally required to give back to the MUI project, but it is in their interest to do so.

By significantly reducing the amount of work needed to achieve business goals and reducing running costs, MUI results in huge time and money savings for users. We encourage organizations to contribute a portion of these savings back, enabling the project to advance more rapidly and result in even greater savings for your organization.

What's the difference between Patreon and OpenCollective?

Funds received via Patreon or other forms, directly support Olivier Tassinari and the core team mission. The funds go to a for-profit entity that employs some of the core team members.

Funds donated via OpenCollective are managed transparently and aimed to sustain the MIT core of MUI. MUI benefits from the Open Collective's fiscal sponsorship (hosted as a non-profit), in exchange for 10% of the donations.


These great services sponsor MUI's core infrastructure:


GitHub allows us to host the Git repository.


Netlify allows us to distribute the documentation.


BrowserStack allows us to test in real browsers.


CodeCov allows us to monitor the test coverage.